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About RAEZ


RAEZ™ is a design studio focusing on the development of the highest quality design products.

The main RAEZ studio is based in Western Australia with a subsidiary in Nevada, USA. RAEZ was first established in 2000 and has now been producing and providing design services and products for over 15 years.


Our mission is to create the highest quality design work and match that with high quality materials to provide you with the best product possible. We strive to provide free shipping on all products to all international customers so you know exactly what you are paying for.



TableTop Games - Designing and developing new board games for a variety of ages and skill ranges with lots of strategic depth.

Digital Games - Desktop and phone based computer game development both as digital board games and other action based games

Posters/Prints - Unique design posters for a variety of themes
Apparel - Custom clothing design with unique elements and themes

Game Design Contracts - Design, developing and artwork for digital and tabletop game development for clients.



Wesley Lamont Managing Director and Lead Design

Wesley Lamont Profile

Wesley provides the design direction for RAEZ and its products. With 15 years running RAEZ he has a wealth of experience within the design sector, developing services and products for clients and customers. A diverse background in teaching, contractual work, Game design and with a Multidisciplinary degree and a Masters of Design degree allows Wesley to apply a vast range of knowledge to RAEZ development. An avid gamer, Wesley has been creating board games from childhood and more recently digital games as well. Merging several passions RAEZ is now producing high quality design products to share with the world.

John Chillemi Technology Director and Lead Programmer

John Chillemi Profile

John brings several years of professional programming to RAEZ and a background in independent game development as well. With a passion for game development and new technologies John has been developing the technology side of various RAEZ products.

Bryan Peters USA Manager

Bryan Peters Profile

Bryan has been a keen supporter of RAEZ and is leading the RAEZ subsidiary in the United States.


Play Test Locations

We would also like to acknowledge all the playtesters in the indie game scene and play testing scene. There are several companies, organisations and individuals who make RAEZ products as polished as they are. We would also like to thank the many individuals all around the world who have made the game language translations possible, allowing RAEZ products to be enjoyed in all the diverse corners of the globe.


We know that you will have the absolute best time with all of your RAEZ products. You can join the RAEZ community with any of the above links or join the RAEZ announce list below to hear about the latest products and updates from RAEZ.